Children & Young People

What I Can Work With

Due to my experience and training, there are a few  issues I would call my ‘specialities’. This doesn’t mean that I can’t work with other issues, it just means that I have a deeper understanding of certain topics due to my interest and experience. In the main, these are:

Childhood Trauma

Relationship Difficulties

Emotional Regulation 

Identity & Cultural Issues

Racial Trauma


Health & Overall Wellbeing

Loss & Grief


Research and theory tells us that children do not often have the language or cognitive ability to express their thoughts and feelings. Even for adults this can be difficult. In my experience, children engage with therapy more through play and other creative means which engage their bodily sensations and ‘felt’ experiences. In the session, this may look like a mixture of games and some talking. 

For some children, they may be accessing therapy due to trauma and other reasons which invoke a heightened sense of emotion. It may be that I help your child to manage these feelings and bring them to a point where they can safely tolerate them without becoming overwhelmed. 

Usually, the first session involves you and your child. This is so that a working agreement can be drawn up and all the necessary details can be shared and understood by everyone. There will also be consideration made as to whether therapy may work better for your child if you are present, as sometimes this can be a question for parents/carers and children. Unless your child discusses details from their therapy sessions with you, no details will be discussed with you, unless these are assessed as being of a safeguarding nature. Please see the ‘safeguarding’ section.  

If your child says something which indicates they have been harmed or that there is a risk of harm to themself or another, then safeguarding procedures are followed. This means that necessary professionals may need to be made aware, even if this was something you did not give permission for. 

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